"You can't have pleasure in life without skill!"

Alan Watts

Encounters that change your paddling lastingly

Turn your paddle into a magic wand!

Understand water, physics, equipment and your own body. Taking the right actions, at the right time, with just the right dosage - this makes paddling incredibly precise and easy. It just feels good. That's magic, that makes you happy!

For those who want more skill

We mainly teach advanced technique for still water respectively solo sport canoeing or freestyle canoeing, but of course also the basics, which we keep coming back to and which are just as important for safe and body-friendly touring and river paddling.

Experienced coaches at your side

In one-on-one coaching, we can focus on you, understand your goals, and find a way to get there together. Discovering connections, solving problems together and shifting personal boundaries - helping you do that is what we are particularly good at.
We want to offer you the best possible learning support! The canoe coaches listed here are trained ACA instructors, have many years of experience and undergo regular further training. We work legally independently, but support each other and exchange ideas regularly. Your contractual partner is always the respective coach.

Find canoe coaches in your area and book an appointment


Become an ACA Canoe Instructor

Meeting people, initiating personal development and accompanying it is your thing? You do have good interpersonal skills and you can paddle a canoe too? Then find out more about your training opportunities to become an ACA Instructor here!

Also good:


Felicity 13' Solo Sport Canoe

Responsive and agile 13 foot solo canoe. Designed as a freestyle and sports canoe, it is just as at home on still waters as it is on calmer small rivers.


Paddles, Kneeling mats & Accessories

Here you will find high-quality accessories for freestyle and general canoeing.

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