Felicity 13' Solo Sport Canoe

"A boat with surprisingly balanced characteristics that allow very precise paddling."

Felicity 13' Solo Sport Canoe

Overall length: 395cm
Widest point: 71cm
Height: center 31cm, stem 49cm
Rocker: 8.5cm @DWL
Weight: 13.5 - 14.8 kg
Natural fiber composite with cork core reinforcement (from EU sources)
VARIM (vacuum infusion method)


Design philosophy: freedom and responsibility

The design goal was to create a canoe that would carry its paddler without constraint, giving them the freedom and responsibility to do things for themselves that good technique can do. So no built-in directional stability - but maximum agility in the curves with precise handling at the same time. The Felicity offers enormous reserves when heeling. As a result, this boat paddles very safely and good-naturedly. Even beginners usually have no problems.

The very balanced paddling characteristics, paired with the direct response to all paddle inputs, are a lot of fun for experienced and beginners alike. The Felicity is always easy to control and gives its paddler direct feedback. This also makes it an ideal training boat.


Materials and Construction

The video shows the construction process from 2014. A lot has changed in the meantime, but the principle has essentially remained the same.
We are paddlers first and foremost. The leave no trace principle doesn't just apply to us on the water. A production that is as sustainable as possible based on renewable raw materials has always been a central part of our actions.

Material options, colors & configuration variants

The Felicity is available in the laminate options "Natural Flax" and "Skintex", in nine different colors and in the construction variants "Classic" and "Economy".

Natural Flax

Natural Flax ist eine Laminatoption, bei der das Flachsgewebe durch die klare Außenbeschichtung sichtbar ist.


With the Skintex laminate, an additional, thin polyester fabric layer is inserted between the clear outer layer and the flax fabric. This visible layer gives the hull its color.


Skintex colors are something very special. Because it is not an applied color but a colored fabric behind a clear coat, its appearance is always somewhat dependent on the light, viewing angle and environment. This leads to a very fascinating effect. Of course, the color impression is always influenced by the camera and the monitor settings. This overview can only serve as a guide.

Natural Flax

Mossy Green

Black Forest Green

Cranberry Red

Mahagony Orange

Black Cherry Red

Inky Blue

Curry Yellow

Night Blue

Interior variants


Elaborately layered thwarts and contoured freestyle seat for optimum legroom when heeling. For weight reasons, a combination of paulownia with ash wood strips is used here. All wooden parts are stained and varnished.


Simple construction with thwarts and kneeling thwart made of oiled ash wood.

This is what paddlers say about the Felicity:


The basic version of the Felicity is available from €3,235.

Please send us an inquiry for exact price information. We will help you to find your suitable configuration and send you a corresponding offer.

Inquiry & test paddling

Could a Felicity be your new favorite boat? Let's find out together!

Send us an inquiry and we will advise you from paddler to paddler. Trial paddling is strongly recommended and we would be happy to arrange an opportunity for you.
If you tell us where you are, we can suggest a suitable opportunity for you to test paddle.

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