Solo Sport Canoeing & Freestyle Canoeing

Canoe paddling with grace, ease and precision

Welcome to Lake Constance Canoes

We make lightweight and responsive, recreational sports canoes from natural fibers, as well as precision paddles and gear, and we provide canoeing skills coachings and instructor training for an open community of highly awesome people.


Felicity 13' Solo Sport Canoe

Responsive and agile 13 foot solo canoe. Designed as a freestyle and sports canoe, it is just as at home on still waters as it is on calmer small rivers.


Canoe Coachings & Education

We not only teach advanced technique for still water respectively solo sport canoeing or freestyle canoeing, but also the basics of efficient and body-friendly canoe touring.


Paddles, Kneeling mats & Accessories

Here you will find high-quality accessories for freestyle and general canoeing.

Sport Canoeing, Freestyle Canoeing

The two varieties of Advanced Quietwater Canoeing (advanced techniques for still water), originally from the USA, have in common that the practitioners try to understand the water, the body and the canoe so that they can adjust their actions appropriately to every situation.

Nothing needs to be added to optimally executed movements, paddle strokes and maneuvers, and nothing superfluous can be left out. This makes them highly effective, and even intense boat movements require minimal use of energy and force.

While sport canoeing deals with paddling itself and its practical application, freestyle focuses on paddling as a form of expression, and in the USA also as a competitive sport.

This type of paddling has many advantages - also when touring on lakes and rivers.

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The German Solo Freestyle Canoeing Book

The standard work in German language for canoe paddling with grace, ease and precision.
Only available from us with personal author dedication.

Dates & Events

Canoe meetings, events and roadshow dates

Open Kano Festival in de Weerribben 08.-10. Sept. 2023

Dutch open canoe festival in de Weerribben

Braunschweiger Freestyle Weekend September 29. - October 03. 2023

Small but friendly practice weekend
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